International Fairs Calendar – 2010 – End

Ainda há tempo de participar das seguintes feiras internacionais do livro.

Book Fairs are important spaces of interaction among cultures, among readers and writers, among publishers, between writers and editors. They contribute to a culture of reading and writing and provide a venue to discuss new trends in the publishing industry as well as moments to recognize works of literature of high quality and value. They are about books and more than books and include storytelling, poetry readings, and discovery of self and other.

06/10/2010 – 10/10/2010 Frankfurt
Frankfurt Book Fair

07/10/2010 – 16/10/2010 Sharjah
Sharjah World Book Fair

25/10/2010 – 31/10/2010 Belgrade
55th International Belgrade Book Fair

28/10/2010 – 31/10/2010 Helsinki
Helsinki Book Fair

30/10/2010 – 07/11/2010 Istanbul
29th Istanbul Book Fair

03/11/2010 – 05/11/2010 Lisbon
Expolingua Portugal

10/11/2010 – 14/11/2010 Zagreb
33rd International Books and Teaching Aids Fair (Interliber)

12/11/2010 – 14/11/2010 Basel
Basel Book Fair

14/11/2010 – 21/11/2010 Miami
Miami Book Fair International

17/11/2010 – 21/11/2010 Bucharest
17th Gaudeamus International Book and Education Fair

17/11/2010 – 22/11/2010 Montréal
Montréal Book Fair

18/11/2010 – 21/11/2010 Vienna
Buch Wien – International Book Fair

19/11/2010 – 21/11/2010
Berlin Expolingua Berlin

27/11/2010 – 05/12/2010 Guadalajara
24th Guadalajara International Book Fair

01/12/2010 – 05/12/2010 Moscow
12th Moscow International Book fair of high-quality fiction and non-fiction


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