TL 9000 Requirements Handbook (Release 5.0) – The Telecom Quality Management System.

This handbook is the definitive guide for implementing a quality management system. It contains nine sections, a glossary and a reference. The number of specific TL 9000 requirements are indicated in parentheses in this outline.
  • Foreword – A note from the QuEST Forum Executive Board
  • Preface – Explanation of QuEST Forum’s goal in creating and using TL 9000
  • Acknowledgements – A list of the companies and people who participated in the development of Release 5.0 of the Requirements Handbook.
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Section 1: Introduction – Lists the goals of TL 9000, states the purpose of TL 9000, benefits of implementation, relationship to ISO 9001 and other requirements, speaks about customer communication, explains how the TL 9000 handbooks are developed and maintained, and defines the effective date of use.
  • Section 2: Structure – Defines the structure of the handbook and terminology used.
  • Section 3: TL 9000 administration – Defines the scope of registration including options and required documentation, migration path from other standards, how registrations can be publicized, how registrars are qualified, how accreditation bodies are recognized, responsibilities of registrars, and training information.
  • Section 4: Quality management system (1) – Lists general requirements and documentation requirements for TL 9000 including the quality manual, control of documents, and control of records.
  • Section 5: Management responsibility (7) – Topics include management commitment; customer focus including customer relationship development and customer communication methods; quality policy; planning including quality objectives, long and short term quality planning, customer input, and supplier input; responsibility, authority and communication; and management review.
  • Section 6: Resource management (9) – Defines requirements for provision of resources; human resources including competence, awareness and training for employees; infrastructure, and work environment.
  • Section 7: Product realization (60) – Extensive information about planning of product realization including life-cycle model; customer-related processes for determination of product requirements, review requirements, communication; design and development planning, project planning, test planning, risk management planning, integration planning, estimation, migration planning, design and development inputs, outputs, review, verification, and control of design and development changes; purchasing processing; production and service provision including emergency service, installation, software patching, tool changes, traceability, electrostatic discharge protection, packaging and labeling, and software virus protection; and control of monitoring and measuring devices including equipment verification.
  • Section 8: Measurement, analysis and improvement (15) – Requirements for monitoring and measurement; and control of non-conforming product.
  • Glossary – Definitions of 36 terms used in the handbook
  • ISO 9000:2005 Defined Terms – A list of ISO terms with references to their definitions
Bibliography and End References – List of 11 references used in the development of TL 9000 Quality Management System Release 5.0
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