BS EN 16001:2009 Energy management systems. Requirements with guidance for use

BS EN 16001 will help your business establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy efficiency. This will help to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through systematic management of energy.
BS EN 16001 specifies requirements for an energy management system to enable you to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and information about significant energy aspects. It is a useful document for all types and sizes of organizations and accommodates diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions. This standard applies to the activities under the control of an organization.
BS EN 16001 can be used independently or integrated with any other management system. To facilitate its use, the structure of this standard is similar to the structure of BS EN ISO 14001.
BS EN 16001 applies to any organization that wishes to:
a) Improve energy performance in a systematic way
b) Establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system
c) Ensure that it conforms with its stated energy policy
d) Demonstrate such conformance to others
e) Seek certification of its energy management system by an external organization
f) Make a self-evaluation and self-declaration of conformance with the standard.

Who should use BS EN 16001?
– Energy and facilities managers
– Environment officers and managers
– Energy engineers
– Energy consultants
– Finance directors
– Policy developers and managers
– Architects and surveyors
– Energy assessors
-CEOs and MDs of smaller organizations.

Contents of BS EN 16001:

1 Scope
2 Terms and definitions
3 Energy management system requirements
3.1 General requirements
3.2 Energy policy
3.3 Planning
3.3.1 Identification and review of energy aspects
3.3.2 Legal obligations and other requirements
3.3.3 Energy objectives, targets and programme(s)
3.4 Implementation and operation
3.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
3.4.2 Awareness, training and competence
3.4.3 Communication
3.4.4 Energy management system documentation
3.4.5 Control of documents
3.4.6 Operational control
3.5 Checking
3.5.1 Monitoring and measurement
3.5.2 Evaluation of compliance
3.5.3 Nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action
3.5.4 Control of records
3.5.5 Internal audit of the energy management system
3.6 Review of the energy management system by top management
3.6.1 General
3.6.2 Inputs to management review
3.6.3 Outputs from management review
Annex A (informative) Guidance on the use of this European standard
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