Designed for the digital world and an expanding universe of metadata users, RDA: Resource Description and Access is the new, unified cataloging standard—an evolution of the cataloging principles from AACR2, with rules carried over or adapted to the RDA model. Benefits of RDA include:

– A structure based on the conceptual models of FRBR (functional requirements for bibliographic data) and FRAD (functional requirements for authority data) to help catalog users find the information they need more easily.
– A flexible framework for content description of digital resources that also serves the needs of libraries organizing traditional resources.
– A better fit with emerging database technologies, enabling institutions to introduce efficiencies in data capture and storage retrievals.

The online RDA Toolkit subscription provides a one-stop resource for evaluating and implementing RDA, and is the most effective way to interact with the new standard.

RDA Toolkit highlights:

– RDA instructions that are searchable and browseable
– AACR2 Rule Number Search of RDA instructions
– Workflows, mappings, examples: tools to customize the RDA instruction set to support organizational training and processes
– Two views of RDA content—by table of contents and by RDA element set view
– What you need to evaluate and implement RDA; to make cataloging decisions based on principles; to increase efficiency; to facilitate collaboration; and to help position the community for the future by making bibliographic data accessible on the Web
– Full text of AACR2 with links to RDA
– LCPS (Library of Congress Policy Statements)

RDA Toolkit Site Subscription

Special Double-User Introductory Offer! Subscribe to the RDA Toolkit before August 31, 2011 and get double the purchased number of concurrent users at no additional charge.

-,Designed for multi-user environments.
– One concurrent user (plus any number of concurrent users you choose to add)—for an unlimited number of individuals/profiles in the same institution so long as they’re not accessing RDA Toolkit at the same time.
– Any number of users can set up profiles.
– Add additional concurrent users at any time.
– Allows you to share workflows and mappings within the institution.

The double-user offer discount is automatically applied during the checkout process. Please note that you need to “Accept” the RDA Toolkit License agreement (PDF of license available below) and the subscription terms, and then your subscription request will be added to your shopping cart. During checkout, you have the option to pay in any of the currencies listed. 24-48 hours after you complete the checkout process, the RDA Toolkit staff will contact you to confirm your order.

RDA Toolkit Solo-User Subscription

For single-user environments.
One profile, one user—access is not shared with other individuals in the same institution.
Password access only.

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