NCS 2011 ( Natural Color System / Scandinavian Colour Institute )

NCS Colour is at the forefront of colour research with a global base of clients, outlets and services for the modern colour user. Its solutions are based around the revolutionary language of colour, NCS – Natural Colour System®©, the simple and yet powerful colour system capable of giving an accurate notation to any of the 10 million colours we can perceive. Once used, NCS is the most efficient and accurate way to use colour and communicate colour requirements no matter what language you or your clients speak, which materials you use or which industry you operate in.

The Natural Color System consists of 1,750 colors catalogued by The Scandinavian Color Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The NCS collection is used worldwide by professional color specifiers and is considered the purest and most sophisticated color tool available.


– Architecture
– Design
– Paints & Coatings
– Decorating or Painting
– Construction & Industry
– Corporate & Product Branding
– Teaching

Euro NCS index 1950 original

A compact overview of all 1950 NCS colours. The new NCS index contains the 200 new colours and has larger colour samples and a superior design.

The empty spaces were removed, and the colours were distributed more evenly and systematically over the pages. Because of a clearer visual subdivision into grey, yellow (colour tones G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y) and thanks to the new in between pages, finding ones way through the 1950 NCS colour samples has become much faster.

Markings on the colour wheel as well as colour triangles at the bottom of every index page show the positions of the colour tones in the NCS system. The NCS index takes up only very little space and can easily be taken along. It contains a description of the NCS system and examples of colour combinations that are possible in the NCS system.

New colour sample format: 20 x 50 mm / 26 x 50 mm

NCS pad 1950 original

The favourite NCS pad has also been redesigned; all 200 new NCS colours are now at their proper places. Every sample can be fanned out so that different colour combinations can be assessed. Since the entire colour sample can be put on the material to compare, the NCS pad is an excellent aid for stock-taking or identifying colours of diverse materials. The NCS pad comes in two types, one arranged by hue and the other arranged by nuances. Users working with patterns and contrasts often prefer the pad arranged by nuances. There are a total of 1,950 NCS colour samples contained in 9 pads.

Colour sample format: 35 x 104 mm  ( Hues , Nuances )

NCS atlas 1950 original

Recommended for colour selection, as a reference book in the studio, and for presentations to customers. The NCS atlas shows the colour wheel, 40 colour triangles, and a page with neutral and toned grey scales. The NCS atlas is the most comprehensive and clearest illustration of the NCS systems to date. The 200 new, bright NCS colour tones are prominently displayed as an enlarged section of the triangle in the top right area of the respective colour tone page. In order to facilitate the visual comparison, they are shown together with their “neighbouring colours” among the traditional 1,750 NCS colour tones. The NCS atlas with 1,950 NCS colours also shows the brightness and reflection numbers in every colour triangle.

Colour sample format: 15 x 15 mm

NCS pad 1950 original

The ideal colour library for studios that require larger samples for the colour assessment. The new NCS pad with 200 new NCS colour tones arranged in their proper places is characterized by a new cubistic design. The colour surfaces of the samples are now facing the user, and the samples have been put upright to allow the user a better overview. The samples of the NCS pad show the colours in a larger format and thus make it easier to assess them. Tabbed cards between the hues facilitate the handling. All 1,950 colour samples can be ordered separately.
Colour sample format: 105 x 148 mm (A6)
Weight: about 7,000 g

NCS album 1950 original – designed for professional colour studios

Every album page has pockets with three removable samples in A9 format. For quick colour comparisons, for the visualization of presentations, and to enclose in documents. The new, bright NCS colours are found at the top of the respective colour pages in the new NCS album. The new album is easier to handle as it now consists of two parts! The first folder contains the grey colours and the colour tones from Y to R90B, the second folder spans from G to G90Y. All 1,950 NCS colour samples can be reordered individually. Colour sample format: 52 x 37 mm (A9) with 3 specimens per colour tone.

NCS colour sample 1950 original

For presentations, specifications, identification, and general colour communications with suppliers and customers. The samples have the NCS designation on the back and are available in 3 sizes:

With a semi-matte surface in A4, A6 and A9 format, and in high gloss in A6 format.

NCS A4 colour sample: size 210 x 297 mm
NCS A6 colour sample: size 104 x 148 mm
NCS A9 booklet (5 samples): size 37 x 52 mm
NCS calibrated sample A6
NCS A6 colour samples, brilliant

Colour comparison brochures

– Munsell – NCS
– BritishStandard 5252 – NCS

NCS Palette Creative

NCS Palette Creative is a colour library which allows the access to the colours NCS in the different layout programmes.

The colour palette contains the 1950 NCS
standard colours NCS.

NCS Glossy Index 1950 

The NCS Glossy contain the 1950 standard colours in bright lustre, with a brilliant degree of approx. 85.

NCS Glossy colour pattern

For presentations, specifications, identifications and general colour communication with suppliers and customers.

In the A4 and A6 format in bright lustre.

NCS Glossy colour pattern A4

NCS Glossy colour pattern A6

NCS Index in 1950 industry

The fan contain the 1950 NCS colours. By the division in grey, yellow, red, blue and green, one finds the way under the colour patterns fast.

NCS Digital Atlas

The NCS is a colour atlas which shows the positions of the 1950 NCS colours in the NCS colour space.

The atlas also contain a conversion table between NCS CMYK and RGB.

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