T H Hill Standard DS-1 , Third Edition , 2004, 3 Volumes Set

sA lot has changed in our industry since we introduced the first edition of DS-1 in 1992. Drilling technology has advanced dramatically in fifteen years, and to keep pace with this change T H Hill has continually updated Standard DS-1. The initial one volume of the first edition has evolved into the three volumes of Third Edition, covering drill string manufacture, design and inspection. Additionally, DS-1 has achieved global acceptance, as evidenced by its use in more than 60 countries and the incredible growth of the sponsor group.

DS-1 Volume 1 – Drilling Tubular Product Specification

A totally new, easy to use manufacturing specification for drilling tubular products.
A global manufacturing standard must be comprehensive, technically sound and easy to use for both buyer and producer. In developing Volume 1 of DS-1® Third Edition, we have worked with the manufacturers, buyers, and users of drilling tubular products to create such a standard. The Drilling Tubular Product Specification is Volume 1 of DS-1 Third Edition, and offers a totally new approach to standardization of the manufacturing process.

Highlights of the New Manufacturing Standard:

– Establishes requirements for two service levels: Normal and Critical
– All manufacturing, dimensional and metallurgical requirements in tabular format
– Covers drill pipe, HWDP, subs, drill collars and pup joints
– Addresses the requirements for higher grade drill pipe (Z-140 and V-150)
– Introduces a special category for thick-wall drill pipe
– Includes procedures for non-destructive testing of components not addressed by API
– Entire volume structured for ease of use

DS-1 Volume 2 – Drill Stem Design & Operation
A revolutionary standard for drill string design and operation.
What if you could dramatically increase the fatigue life of your drill string merely by following structured design criteria? With the DS-1® Third Edition Design Volume, you can. Years of research have culminated in a ground-breaking approach to drill string design that maximizes fatigue mitigation while delivering an optimal overall design. This innovative technology can only be found in Standard DS-1 Drill Stem Design and Operation, Volume 2 of our Third Edition.

The New Standard in Design Includes:

– Innovative fatigue mitigation design methods (Curvature Index and Stability Index)
– Risk-based design groups for overload prevention
– Risk-based design groups for fatigue mitigation
– New drill pipe sizes and grades
– Slip-cut severity and the impact on fatigue
– New methods for corrosion monitoring
– Expanded coverage for slip crushing issues
– Considerations for reactive torque and casing wear
– Instructions for specifying an appropriate inspection

DS-1 Volume 3 – Drill Stem Inspection

A greatly expanded volume dedicated to inspection.
In the past decade, DS-1® has become the global standard for inspection by offering comprehensive procedural detail, an easy to use inspection specification system and timely technical updates. The Third Edition carries on this tradition and augments it by spotlighting inspection in a separate volume.

New Content Includes:

– Inspection tables supplemented with new pipe sizes, weights, and grades
– New inspection criteria introduced for thick-wall drill pipe, HWDP and drill collars
– Coverage of Z and V grade drill pipe
– Manufacturer-specific connection inspection criteria
– Expansion of MUT tables
– Internal plastic coating evaluation reference photographs

– New procedure for full length UT inspection of drill pipe tubes
– New inspection category for heavy duty landing string
– Fishing tool inspection criteria

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