Munsell Book of Color – Matte Edition – English ( Brasil – São Paulo – Ano 2011 )


The easiest, most logical palette design tool in a softer matte finish. Over 1,300 color chips!
Munsell Book of Color, Matte Edition includes many colors from the glossy book of color, but in a softer, matte finish. It includes one volume with over 1300 permanently mounted matte Munsell color chips. We permanently mount the matte chips to keep them clean longer. Matte chips are more susceptible to dirt and oils from handling. But you can still obtain 8.5” x 11” sheets of any color from the matte collection.

Design made easy.

It’s not always easy to visualize how your palette will look on the final product. Size, proportion and other variables affect the way your palette will look. Munsell can help with larger 8.5” x 11” color sheets. Any color chip from the books of color can be accurately reproduced in the larger format.

The sheets are perfect for simulating proportion. You can also cut them into individual samples for your suppliers.

Why is Munsell the system of choice by many designers?

Munsell a visually organized system. That means it’s designed for the way your eyes see color. Remember ROY G BIV. or the popular color wheel you learned about in design school? That’s the way the Munsell system is organized – the same way you see color.

The color development process is also based on the logic of the Munsell system. except it’s referred to as CIELab. That means it’s designed for the way color is manufactured in plastics, coatings or textiles. Plus, the accuracy and consistency of Munsell color chips make them ideal for specifying color throughout the supply chain.

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