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What will the price of oil mean for the fragile economic recovery? Will factors including geopolitical unrest, price volatility and policy uncertainty defer investment and heighten the risk to our energy security? Is the gap between our climate actions and our climate goals becoming insurmountable? World Energy Outlook 2011 tackles these and other pressing questions.

The latest data, policy developments, and the experience of another remarkable year, are brought together to provide robust analysis and insight into global energy markets. WEO-2011 once again gives detailed energy demand and supply projections out to 2035, broken down by region, fuel, sector and scenario. This year it also gives a special focus to topical energy sector issues:

– Just how likely might a “Golden Age of Gas” be? (special early report released 6 June 2011 )
– Investment and financing options to achieve modern energy access for all (special excerpt released 10 October 2011 )
– Climate change –”lock-in” & the “room to manoeuvre” to meet the 2oC goal
– Russian energy prospects and their implications for global markets
– The role of coal in driving economic growth in an emissions-constrained world
– The growing inter-linkages between energy and water and
– Reforms to fossil fuel subsidies and support for renewable energy

Type: Studies
Subject: Climate Change ; Coal ; Energy Projections ; Oil

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