BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials: Issue 4 Print (North American Translation) ; 30 Jun 2011 ( ISBN : 9780117069633 )

The new, updated Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials – Issue 4 has been revised to provide greater focus on quality and functional aspects of packaging, which compliment the established requirements of factory hygiene.

Maintaining its versatility in food and non-food packaging, the publication will ensure the scheme continues to be a leading global standard adopted by major retailers and packaging businesses around the world. Certification to the Standard verifies technical and functional performance, aids manufacturers’ fulfilment of legal obligations and helps provide protection to the consumer.

All of the changes within the revised edition have been based on wide and extensive consultation with International Stakeholders. Changes to the revised Standard include:

Preparation and planning section, providing guidance and support for sites new to the certification process

New requirements for managing print control

Additional safeguards to reduce the risk of chemical migration from packaging into food products

Greater emphasis on managing the functional quality of packaging materials to meet customers’ specifications

Introduction of ‘Fundamental’ clauses, relating to systems that are crucial to the establishment and operation of an effective packaging manufacturing operation

Introduction of a grading scheme based on number and severity of non-conformities

Audit frequencies and processes for corrective action review based on performance

Clearer differentiation between the requirements for different product categories

To allow time for retailers, producers and certification bodies to become fully familiar with the new requirements and for the BRC to develop their support and infrastructure, the BRC will not recognise audits against Issue 4 until six months after it is formally published.

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