European Pharmacopoeia 7th Edition – Book subscription 2012 (Volumes 7.0 ; 7.01 ; 7.02 . 7.03 ; 7.04 ; 7.5) \ (ISBN: 978-92-871-6706-4 + 978-92-871-6962-4) ; Book or USB Stick or Online or Packages – English – French – Spanish – Bilingual

NEW: For the 7th Edition, the EDQM will be changing its electronic version from DVD-ROM to USB stick. The development will feature a new “portability” option allowing users to run the European Pharmacopoeia application directly from the USB drive following a one-time licensing procedure and with no further installation (provided .NET 2.0 is installed on the target computer). This will therefore be of direct benefit for users who have more than one computer or need to access from other computers while travelling. In addition, the USB stick will continue to allow two fixed installs as is currently the case with the DVD-ROM.

– 7th Edition Book
– 7th Edition USB Stick
– 7th Edition Online

– 7th Edition Packages

About the European Pharmacopoeia

The texts of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) concern the qualitative and quantitative composition of medicines, the tests to be carried out on medicines, on the raw materials used in the production of medicines and on the intermediates of synthesis. It contains texts covering substances, excipients and preparations for pharmaceutical use of chemical, animal, human or herbal origin, homoeopathic preparations and homoeopathic stocks, antibiotics, as well as dosage forms and containers. The texts also cover biologicals, blood and plasma derivatives, vaccines and radiopharmaceutical preparations. They are legally binding.
Versions and SubscriptionsThe Ph. Eur. is supplied in a variety of formats designed to be flexible to suit the needs of your organisation. It is available in 3 formats – print, online and USB stick.

Book Version: The subscription to the two initial volumes (Vol. 1 and 2) and two supplements (Supplement 7.1 and 7.2) is now available to order. Plus access to the archives is also possible.

Online Version: The online subscriptions provide access to all updates posted and to the archives starting from 1969 (1st Edition). Subscribers have access up to Supplement 7.2 from July 2010 until 31 December 2011.

NEW! USB Version: The new USB stick version makes it easy to access the Ph. Eur. while on the move or in environments where the use of the print or online versions would be inappropriate or impractical. It is also ideal for users who have more than one computer. Access to the archives is also possible.

NEW! Packages: Three different packages are now available if interested in having more than one version.

The Ph. Eur. is available in the English and French. Its translation into Spanish is underway and the texts are accessible on the online version as they become available.

Place an Order

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This subscription contains:

– the base volume 7.0 (published in July 2010 – for implementation January 2011).
– supplement 7.1 (published in October 2010 – new/revised texts agreed in March 2010 – for implementation in April 2011), and
– supplement 7.2 (published in January 2011 – new/revised texts agreed in June 2010 – for implementation in July 2011).

– supplement 7.3 (published in June 2011 – new/revised texts agreed in November 2011 – for implementation in January 2012),
– supplement 7.4 (published in October 2011 – new/revised texts agreed in March 2011 – for implementation in April 2012), and
– supplement 7.5 (published in January 2012- new/revised texts agreed in June 2011- for implementation in July 2012).

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