Index Nominum: International Drug Directory 20th Edition ; 01 Mar 2011 : Volume 1: Active Substances and Volume 2: Indexes. ( ISBN: 9783804750531 ); Hardback *** It is accompanied by a CD-ROM ***

For over 50 years, the Index Nominum has been the international standard reference for pharmaceutical substances, trade preparations, synonyms and chemical structures.

Now in its 20th edition, the title has been completely enlarged and revised. It provides an international reference on active substances, their synonyms, chemical structures and formulas, brand names and their manufacturers.

The new edition includes two volumes:

Volume 1: Active Substances and Volume 2: Indexes.

It is accompanied by a CD-ROM with over 16,500 addresses and links to pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Key Features:

– More than 5,100 active substances (and derivatives) with international non-proprietary names (INN), German, French, Spanish and Latin substance names, structural and molecular formulas, CAS registry numbers and 15,500 synonyms.
– 85,500 proprietary names and more than 16,500 addresses and links to manufacturers from 163 countries
– All single and two-compound preparations and selected three-/four-compound preparations are listed
– Special labelling of paediatric medicines
– Therapeutic groups with ATC codes of the WHO for pharmaceuticals used in human and veterinary medicine
– Valuable search assistance with an alphabetical index of all trade names, pharmaceutical substances and synonyms as well as a separate ATC and ATCvet substance index
– Includes free 60-day online access to Index.

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