Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index [Hardcover] – DDC 23 : 4-Volume Set ; 2011 : ( ISBN – 13 : 978-1-910608-81-4 ) ; ( ISBN – 10 : ISBN-10: 1910608815 ) English Sistema de Classificação Decimal Dewey DDC23

DDC 23 is here!

The new print edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, DDC 23, is now available in the Americas. The DDC print edition is scheduled for delivery to locations outside the Americas in July 2011. Highlights of the new edition include several major changes held for simultaneous publication in the print and Web versions of the DDC plus many interim updates already distributed to users in WebDewey 2.0.

Place your order today!

We are now accepting orders for DDC 23. Orders are scheduled for delivery to the Americas now, and to locations outside the Americas in July 2011.

Dedicated to Dewey users worldwide, DDC 23 features:

– Many new topics and significant updates to selected fields
– Numbers informed by interaction with the worldwide community of Dewey users
– A complete overhaul to the representation of groups of people
– Revisions to several standard subdivisions
– Elimination of dual headings and unbalanced spans
– A minimal price increase

As a result, DDC 23:

– Better reflects the changing world
– More accurately reflects regional differences around the world
– Greatly increases classifier efficiency
– Is more intuitive for the way classifiers work

DDC 23 also features:

– New provisions in 004-006 Computer science and elsewhere to reflect changes in technology
– Updates to provisions for the Orthodox Church and Islam in 200 Religion
– Improved provisions in 340 Law for legal systems based on civil law
– Significant updates to 370 Education resulting in an improved international framework for levels of education, kinds of schools, policy issues and specific subjects in primary education
– Updated provisions for food and clothing
– Updates to 740 Graphic arts and decorative arts
– A new location and expanded development for cinematography and videography at 777 
– Significant expansions throughout 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games
– Significant expansions in Table 2, with parallel provisions in 930-990, for the ancient world, Italy, – Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam and Canada
– Updated historical periods throughout 930-990 
WebDewey 2.0 is now available!

WebDewey 2.0 is now available for use. The new WebDewey is easier to use than ever and features:

– An easy-to-navigate, simple user interface that is suitable for the novice as well as the power user
BISAC-to-DDC mappings
– An easy-to-personalize screen display, often done with a single click
– Continuous updating
– No price increase!

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