The Future of Water: A Startling Look Ahead ; By Steve Maxwell with Scott Yates ; Edition: 2011 – Hardback – 243 pp. ; ISBN 9781583218099

Population growth and unchallenged water use have brought us to the brink of a worldwide water crisis. This fascinating book presents scenarios for the broad trends that will have a significant impact upon future water challenges. Examine what the next 100 years may bring to water use, prices, and availability—and how individuals, water utilities, industries, and countries can change the future of water.

Your time machine into the future

The Future of Water: A Startling Look Ahead is an intriguingly realistic look at

–The future of water use at homeGrass species that live on common seawater. Clothes washers that use a cup of water per load—or no water at all. UV-light dishwashers. Toilets that flush with reused bathwater.

–The future of agricultural water use
Learn the many innovative ways farmers are growing more food with less water. In coming years, don’t be surprised if you see on packaging, “Irrigated with natural rainfall, no fossil waters used.”

–The future of industrial water use
We will see industry increasingly move to where water is plentiful. Old industrial cities in the rainy northeast US that have been shrinking and decaying for decades may experience revitalization.

–The future sources of water
Wastewater and stormwater reuse will become commonplace to provide sources of water for drinking, energy production, agriculture, and industry. We may derive some of our water literally from the air we breathe.

–The future of water storage
America is tearing down many old dams, while China and Africa are on dam-building binges. How will the US meet its water storage needs with fewer dams? What do these new Chinese and African dams–some the biggest ever built–mean for the future of water?

–The future of water utilities
Watch for widespread consolidation of small utilities for efficiency and cost-savings. Many water utilities will follow Singapore’s innovative lead to become better at educating the public of the true value of water.

–The future of water business
Learn about innovative, advanced solutions to the challenges of water scarcity, storage, treatment, and distribution.

–The future role of water
Rivers, lakes, and aquifers cross political borders, creating conflicts. Learn about many innovative technologies and creative solutions to water problems.

Table of Contents

1. Looking Back on the Future of Water
2. The Future of Water Use Around the Home
3. The Future of Water Use Inside the Home
4. The Future of Agricultural Water Use
5. The Future of Industrial Water Use
6. Future Sources of Water
7. The Future of Water Storage
8. The Future of Water Utilities
9. The Future of Water Business
10. The Future Role of Water
11. Looking Forward to the Future of Water
Bibliographic References

Steve Maxwell takes us straight into the realities of the water crisis that is now spreading through all parts of the country, and indeed the entire world.
Bruce Babbitt
Former US Secretary of the Interior

Also available as a Kindle Edition

Published By AWWA
Edition: 2011 – Hardback – 243 pp.
ISBN 9781583218099 – Catalog No. 20692 


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