Bespoke Shoemaking. A Comprehensive Guide to Handmade Footware. by Tim Skyrme ISBN 10: 0980293707 / 0-9802937-0-7 . ISBN 13: 9780980293708 . Publication Date: 2006. Binding: Paperback.

Bespoke Shoemaking – a comprehensive guide to handmade footwear is the first modern book to cover this fast growing area of interest. The author – Tim Skyrme, is a highly regarded Australian craftsman and teacher of hand shoemaking.

The book has taken 10 years in production and grew out of a small book written to help Tim’s hand shoemaking students. The 300 pages cover the details of making shoes by hand, from measuring the feet, to handing over the finished footwear to the customer. However, shoemaking is a very practical subject to learn from a book. That is where the 704 photographs and drawings are so valuable. Virtually everything is illustrated in detail. For many years people have been asking for a book on hand shoemaking. This 2006 production has become the standard textbook throughout the world.

List of Contents
Introduction to Shoemaking
Foot Measurement
Last Building
Mean Forme Construction
Basic Styles
Seam Allowances
Edge Treatments
Last Standard
Derby Shoe Design
Oxford Shoe Design
Insole Preparation
Trying the Shoe for Fit
Preparing for Soling
Fitting the Shoe
Hand Finishing
Hand Built Leather Heels
Dress Boots
Court Shoes
Sandal Insoles
Sandals, Straps and Lasting
Sandal Socks
Heel Blocks
Covered Heels
Ladies Soles
Welt Sewing
Sewing the Welt
Hand Sewn Sole

Who can use it?
Hand shoemaking combines so many different skills – from measuring feet and sharpening a knife, to operating an industrial sewing machine to very fine tolerances. “Bespoke Shoemaking” was produced to help people get through this learning “pain barrier” so that they can, with practice and experience, master hand shoemaking. The book has proved to be popular with students and more advanced shoemakers alike. There is certainly nothing else like it available.

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