Last Designing and Making Manual. : based on the geometric method – by George Koleff . 1997. Spiral binding. ISBN 0646321536

This book of George’s uses the same geometric method as the shoe designing book to give you the measurements and angles that you will need to create your very own set of bespoke lasts.

Last making is not a necessary part of shoemaking, but the satisfaction of making your own lasts to complete a project is something special.

A plastic square is included in the book, this has the necessary angles that are used to make the geometric design for creating your lasts.

After measuring the foot, you are taken through the process of making a pair of lasts using basic tools.

Like George’s other books it has lots of diagrams, and doesn’t assume any prior knowledge.

ContentsPart A… Last Designing
Tools and Aids
Measurements and Information Needed for Designing
Shoe and Last Sizes
Metric System
Paris Point System
English Measuring System
Foot Length and Last Length
Width or Volume of the Last
Measurement for Insole Designing
Formulae for Calculating Measurements for Last Making
Men’s Lasts
Ladies Lasts
Designing the Insole
Designing the insole for Men using Foot Outlne
Designing the insole for Women using a Foot Outline
Designing the insole for Child’s Last using a Foot Outline
Designing the Insole for Men’s Last Geometrically without a Foot Outline
Last Profile
Designing the Profile for Man’s Last using the First Method
Constructing the back section of the Last
Constructing the front part of the Last Profile
Designing the Back View of a Man’s Last
Designing the Profile for a Man’s Last using the Second Method

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