BS PD 5500:2009+A3:2011 Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels. Published : January 2009 (The specification can be used with equipment and systems designed or manufactured to BS 5500 or PD 5500) \ Normas \ Regulamentos \ Códigos \ Regras \ Standards \ Specifications \ Rules \ Codes

What is it?

PD 5500:2009 provides the latest specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels. It outlines requirements for design, manufacture, inspection, testing and compliance. PD 5500 is designed to be used with unfired fusion welded pressure vessels manufactured from iron based and austenitic alloy steels, aluminium, copper and nickel. The specification also applies to a wide range of energy and industry processes. PD 5500:2009 provides guidance towards achieving the BS EN 13445 European standard for unfired pressure vessels.

How does it work?

The PD 5500:2009 specification refers to pressure vessels connected to piping by bolts, screws or welding, as well as supports, brackets and other direct attachments. It applies to vessels that are subject to electrical heating or heated process streams, but not vessels exposed to direct heat or flame. The specification can be used with equipment and systems designed or manufactured to BS 5500 or PD 5500. And the 2009 specification is also relevant to pressure vessels in use outside of the EU as well as those designed and manufactured under the Pressure Equipment Directive.

What’s new?

PD 5500:2009 outlines the latest amendments to the specification up to and including those published in August 2009. It also includes details of enquiry cases and will be updated every three years. Your PD 5500 subscription includes free updates on further amendments.

Table of contents

Section 1:
– Foreword
– Scope
– Interpretation
– Definitions
– Information and requirements to be agreed and to be documented
Section 2: Materials
Section 3: Design
Section 4: Manufacture and workmanship
Section 5: Inspection and testing
Aluminium supplement
Copper supplement
Nickel supplement
List of references
Enquiry cases.

This is the start of new three-year cycle including updates and new enquiry cases. The three-year subscription to PD 5500 includes free regular updates as amendments are made to the specification.

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