Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) – Print edition – four printed volumes (Published in mid-2011) – WebDewey 2.0 (The easiest way to use DDC)

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system was conceived to accommodate the expansion and evolution of the body of human knowledge. That’s why 23 unabridged print editions and 14 abridged editions over nearly 139 years, as well as multiple Web editions since 2000 have been published—to ensure that you have current tools to manage contemporary knowledge organization projects.

The four-volume unabridged edition is published approximately every seven years, reflecting the time the Dewey editorial team needs to implement changes across the entire classification. The 23rd print edition, published in mid-2011, includes many new features that make the classification easier to use. The abridged edition, Abridged Edition 14, was published in February 2004, and is well-suited for the classification needs of libraries with up to 20,000 titles in their collections.

WebDewey and Abridged WebDewey, which correspond to the unabridged and abridged print editions, are updated on a regular basis, bringing you ongoing updates implemented by the Dewey editorial team almost as soon as they occur. The Web versions also offer additional electronic functionality not available in the print editions to make your classification work more efficient.

DDC 23: four printed volumes help keep your collections organized

DDC 23, the four-volume unabridged edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, reflects the many changes to the body of human knowledge that have occurred since DDC 22 was published in 2003. Published in mid-2011, DDC 23 includes helpful tools that make the classification easier to use.

You can download PDF versions of DDC 23 highlights, including an introduction, a glossary and a list of new features. Each of these tools will help you better understand how the DDC organizes knowledge into a classification that is useful to library users worldwide.

The DDC 23 Introduction is a full reprint from volume 1 of DDC 23, provides a detailed overview of the DDC, including basic terminology and an explanation of DDC structure, complete with many helpful examples. If you are new to classifying with Dewey, this introduction will help you get started quickly.

WebDewey 2.0 is now available!

The new WebDewey is easier to use than ever and features:
All content from DDC 23, including regular updates (new developments, new built numbers, and additional electronic index terms)
An easy-to-navigate, simple user interface that is suitable for the novice as well as the power user
BISAC-to-DDC mappings
An easy-to-personalize screen display, often done with a single click
Continuous updating
No price increase

Current WebDewey subscribers can access the new system with their existing authorizations and passwords. The old WebDewey interface will be available until late 2011, at which time users will be redirected to the new service. Abridged 15 and Abridged WebDewey 2.0 will be available later in 2011.

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