International Directory of Arts 38th Edition, 2014, November 2013, De Gruyter Saur, ISBN: 978-3-11-030237-0

International Directory of Arts 38th Edition, 2014, November 2013, De Gruyter Saur, ISBN: 978-3-11-030237-0

Lançamento: Novembro de 2013
Prazo de entrega entre 3 a 4 semanas após lançamento:
O recebimento de encomendas internacionais está sujeito a procedimentos aduaneiros e isto pode causar atrasos além do tempo estimado de entrega.
To be published: November 2013
8th Edition
ISBN: 978-3-11-030237-0
Approx. xxvi, 2900 pages
Language: English
Type of Publication: Directory
– Unique reference directory which spotlights the entire art scene worldwide
 – museums or training sites as well as the art trade.
– The reader finds quickly the sought address and further information, thanks to the lucid and clear layout.

Aims and Scope
The 38th edition of International Directory of Arts (IDA) contains more about 150,000 addresses (including telephone and fax numbers, eMail and URL) from all over the world:
– Museums and Public Galleries
– Universities, Academies, Schools
– Associations
– Art and Antique Trade, Numismatics
– Art and Antiques Fairs
– Galleries- Auctioneers
– Restorers
– Art Publishers
– Art Journals
– Antiquarians and Art Booksellers

Within each chapter, addresses are arranged by country and within country, sections are set our alphabetically by city. Details of the specializations of museums, as well as the names of curators and senior academic museum staff are also included. The address contents were revised and updated for this edition following a questionnaire mailing. The revision also took into account numerous national and international reference works.The eBookPLUS format comprises the content and search criteria of the printed edition and its indices, facilitating complex searches.

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